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Training // Offensive Privacy introduction to online defensive behaviour, state run spyware, OSINT and offensive research. Activist Cloud@Home attendees build autonomous self-trusted home-hosted servers with collaborative tools. Services // Red Team threat analysis and testing for human rights defenders and institutions. Always On live metadata visual installation. Software // Monster In The Middle network meta-data visualization.

Activist Cloud Hosted@Home

In this workshop students with limited technical knowledge will learn how to set up a collaborative server that they can host at their own home. This workshop is meant for any activists, researchers and individuals at small non-profits that are interested in improving the trust requirements around the technologies they use to collaborate. In this workshop students will bring their own PC (such as the small Intel NUC) and leave with a server that provides email, Nextcloud, Mattermost and more. In this workshop the hardware and software will never leave the student's hands. When the student takes the server home their team can be sure that they will only have to trust the student alone. The server can be managed through a simple user interface and is automatically updated with any security patches.

A critical issue among activist groups and independent researchers is secure communication and collaboration. Political tech-collectives that provide free access to online collaborative tool suites can in some cases have conflicting agendas. Groups that depend on a friend or colleague to install or administer self-hosted tools will have to trust that administrator completely. Even if this administrator is trust worthy it is often the case that their server and all of the groups data is hosted unencrypted at data centers that require offshoring trust to questionable jurisdictions or hosting companies. This workshop helps mitigate this trust gap by allowing the group or organization to keep the central point of trust with the most trusted individuals(s).

Duration: 4 hours hands on.

Needs: Students bring PC to install Linux Desktop on. We recommend a Intel NUC which costs as little as 250€.

Structure (subject to change):

  1. Mapping organization needs
  2. Installing Linux Desktop
  3. Installing application management console
  4. (optional) setup domain name
  5. (optional) setup mail relay service
  6. Setting up desired collaborative application(s)
  7. Getting familiar with automatic updates
  8. Collective discussion

For groups that do not have the financial resources we are happy to provide the workshop without fee. If you would like more details or would like to know if this workshop could be of help in your group feel free to contact us.