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Training: Offensive Privacy is an introduction to online defensive behaviours, state run spyware, OSINT and offensive research. Activist Cloud@Home attendees build an autonomous self-trusted home-hosted server with collaborative tools for their orgnization.

Services: Red Team and Operational Security testing for human rights defenders and institutions. Always On privacy visualization display.

Tools: Monster In The Middle network meta-data visualization. Phish Bowl tests your institution's susceptibility to phishing attacks.

Offensive Privacy

The offensive privacy workshop provides an introduction to online defensive behaviours, offensive tools and digital threats. We examine case studies where human rights workers were compromised and what intrusion looked like to the victim. We will also provide an introduction to open source intelligence techniques (OSINT) based on public and private research that students can apply in their own work.

During the workshop the Always On metadata visualization network will be deployed where attendees can voluntarily check what data+metadata their devices leak.

At the conclusion we will also be available to students for collective discussion, questions or help. Students are welcome to bring a computer and phone but these are not essential.

Duration: 2 hours + 1 hour for collective discussion.

Structure (subject to change):

  1. Collective threat-modeling exercise
  2. Compromised case studies (Hacking Team, NSO Group malware)
  3. Offensive de-anonymizing techniques (OSINT)
  4. Defensive behaviours and tools
  5. Collective discussion

Due to the sensitivity of content presented the workshop is strictly not-public. This means it is not suitable for conferences or recorded events. The offensive privacy workshop is intended for activists, politically engaged artists or known human rights institutions. For groups that do not have the financial resources we are happy to provide the workshop without fee. If you would like more details or would like to know if this workshop could be of help in your group feel free to contact us.